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1227 Hardin Avenue
Sarasota, FL, 34243
United States

(941) 929-1630

Cruise Car, Inc. is the industry leader of manufacturing low speed vehicles with renewable energy applications. We produce premier passenger shuttles, light-utility vehicles and street legal vehicles. Our products are ideal for all hotels, resorts and universities. 



The leading American manufacturer of highly-customized low-speed vehicles.


Cruise Car has redefined the light utility vehicle market for all government agencies and is now swiftly moving into the private sector with similar success. Ranking among the largest U.S. brands, discerning fleet buyers turn to us for vehicles that require more functionality than a retrofitted golf cart. Our mission is to provide the top quality vehicle for the most competitive price. Every day we are improving the quality of our vehicles, raising the standards within our industry and increasing the expectations of our customers. 


In response to the flood of inexpensive but poorly-manufactured carts in the marketplace, Cruise Car uses only the highest quality components and craftsmanship while maintaining competitive prices. A quick look "under the hood" of our vehicles will reveal fully aluminum fabrication with 100% brand new parts - features that our competitors consider upgrades.

Built to Perform & Ready to Go.

With over four acres of land, Cruise Car is one of the largest manufacturing sites of low speed vehicles in America. We employ an elite team of skilled mechanics with over 200 years of combined experience.

In addition to having hundreds of low-speed vehicles on location, our fleet of trucks is always standing by ready to deliver products across the country. All of our drivers are certified skilled mechanics who can assist with setup and answer any vehicle questions.